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The visit ended to the front regions

The visit ended to the front  regions Vice-president  of the Fund of Aid for Youth Salman Aliyev were awarded diplomas. These days the visit project to the front regions initiated…
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Water hole opened was named H.Z.Tagiyev in Africa

On 25.07.2014,  opened water hole with the support of The Fund of Aid For Youth and TIKA Baku coordination   in the Yombo Ilala district of  Darussalam  for the name Azerbaijani…
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Water Happiness form Azerbaijan to Africa

We was waiting in the water queue from evening till morning. Water hole excavated by Azerbaijani charitable initiative and were given to locals which live in Mbondole region of Darussalam…
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Religious Services Office of the Embassy of Turkey has been given Ramadani İftar for the families of martyrs and veterans in the conference hall of the Fund of Aid For Youth

On 12.07.2014, Religious Services Office of the Embassy of Turkey has been given Ramadani İftar for the  families of martyrs and veterans in the conference hall of the Fund of…
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You are here: Home Social Activities 2000 youngs from Turkic-speaking states express “justice for Khojaly”

2000 youngs from Turkic-speaking states express “justice for Khojaly”

Within the project of Eskishehir 2013 Turkish World Cultural Capital project, with the initiative of Public Union for Friendship and Cultural Affairs with Turkic-speaking states and support of Azerbaijan Republic Fund of Aid for Youth, 2000 youngs as well as public figures in the frame of “Justice for Khojaly” campaign have attended “Turk World’s Bleeding Wound- Khojaly Massacre” in Turkey’s Eskishehir, Bursa, and Istanbul cities.

Within the boundaries of the initiative, on Feb 26, with organizational support of Eskishehir Municipality and Istanbul Sancagtepe Local government, there has been held memorial ceremony dedicated to Khojaly massacre victims with the participation of 2000 people. Participants firstly got acquainted with the photo exhibition and those taking part were given “Justice for Khojaly”-written T-shirts, brochures and Azerbaijan flags.

The ceremony was opened with the demonstration of Azerbaijan Republic and Turkish republic National Anthems.

Sancagtepe Municipality head Ismail Erdem has stated that they are always ready relevant support for territorial integrity of Azerbaijan. “Khojaly Massacre Awareness” Public Union chief Shamil Sabiroglu has talked about Khojaly massacre perpetrated 22 years ago.

Later on Baku State University history professor Anar Isgandarov gave large information about the massacre. At the same time he deemed highly important the public opinion of Turkish World on the matter.

Azerbaijan republic MP Ganira Pashayeva has touched upon Turkey-Azerbaijan relations, direct relations we currently have with Turkic World. Ganira xanym has stated that if these direct relations are enhanced then we will be giving no chance for our enemies.

At the end, speaking, Eskisheher Municipality head Gungor Azim Tuna mentioned that they have always felt Khojaly in their heads stating that the grief is of all Turkish world. He expressed thanks to those coming from Bosnia, Crimea, Macedonia, Kosova, Azerbaijan and Karadag, Turkey.

The speechs were met with applause. In the end, Eskisheher Executive Body and Sancag tepe municipality chief were presented gifts by Azerbaijan delegation as symbols of Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijan`s intellectual singer Elnur Zeynalov and band sang Azerbaijan mugams, songs praising Qarabakh.